Where can I use your products?

Our wallpapers are best suited for residential or low traffic commercial spaces. We can also print on commercial grounds by offering custom orders on PVC-free Type II Paper on non wovens. We recommend ensuring proper ventilation prior to installing near a bath or sink, as regular exposure to water may cause mildew or peeling. Wallpaper is not recommended for inside a bath or for outdoor spaces. Our natural grounds (grasscloth and paperweave) are best suited for low traffic areas, as their natural fibers are prone to shedding under abrasive conditions. Some shedding can be expected.

Our printed linens are best suited for residential & low-traffic commercial applications like pillows, light upholstery, and draperies.

Our woven fabrics are all performance grade and can be used Inside and Outside. They are bleach cleanable, disinfectant spray safe, mildew, fade, and liquid resistant. Inside Out performance fabrics are Greenguard Gold Certified, PFAS free, and made in the USA.

Where is it made?

Our wallpapers are printed to perfection by a family run business here in the USA. They source their FSC Certified Clay Coated Paper domestically as well.

Our fabrics are all made in the USA. Linens are sourced in Europe and printed in the US.

How is it made?

All of our papers are digitally printed. This is the most eco-friendly way to produce wallpaper using less water and materials than traditional alternatives. Digital printing has fewer scale limitations, and allows us to offer custom colorways. It’s also best for capturing the subtle nuances and tonalities of our hand painted designs.

Did you say custom?

That’s correct! For most of our designs, we can work with you to meet your color needs. Contact us for details on tailoring existing designs, or creating fully custom projects.

How do I clean my wallpaper, fabric, and pillows?

Clay Coated Wallpaper: Gentle spot cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge and mild soap and water.

Natural Ground Wallpaper (Grasscloth/ Paperweaves): Vacuum only

Performance Wallpaper: Gentle spot cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge and mild soap and water.

Printed Linen Fabric: Spot clean with a soft cloth and mild soap or dry clean. These are spot clean fabrics, not suited for washer/ dryer due to shrinkage.

Performance Wovens: Please read detailed cleaning instructions for ratios on cleaning solutions and best cleaning practices. These are spot clean fabrics, not suited for washer/ dryer.

Do you have an order minimum?


Wallpaper: 5 yard minimum with a set-up fee of $75 for orders under 15 yards.

Fabric: 2 yard minimum

When will my wallpaper arrive?

4-6 weeks from order processing. A two week rush option is available for $250. Please contact us with any questions. See below for US shipping fees. Please contact us directly for international shipping.

When will my fabric arrive?

1-12 weeks from order processing. Printed fabric will ship in 2 weeks time. Woven fabric will ship immediately if in stock. Please contact us for stock queries. See below for US shipping fees. Please contact us directly for international shipping.

Do you offer returns?

Wallpaper: Our papers are printed to order, so we are unable to accept returns. We strongly recommend ordering a sample ahead of placing your order. Please review your paper before installation and reach out with any concerns. We will be unable to provide reprints once the paper has been hung.

Fabric: We are not able to process returns of fabric unless there are flaws we deem inconsistent with our quality control. We will always do our best to accommodate, but please order samples and reach out with any questions prior to placing orders.

How do I calculate my order?

Wallpaper: We strongly recommend contacting an installer for accurate measurements. Below you can find a link to our calculator, as well as steps for an initial estimate. As we cannot physically be in your space to measure, we cannot be responsible for accurate measurements. We sell by the linear yard.

1) Measure each of your walls (height and width). Add an additional 5” to the height to account for trimming. 

2) Convert feet to inches.

3) Add up the total width of the walls.

4) Divide the total width by 27 if your paper is Clay Coated or Non-Woven Vellum, and 33, if its Grasscloth or Paperweave. This gives you the minimum number of panels you will need.

5) Round the total panels number up to the next whole number if the decimal is below .5, if it’s above, then go up two numbers, ie; if the number is 9.1, round up to 10 panels, if the number is 9.8, round up to 11. For jobs over 10 panels, add an additional 1 or 2 panels.

6) Take your number of panels and multiply by the height of the wall (in inches). This will give you the linear inches needed.

7) Divide this number by 36 (number of inches in a yard). Now you have the minimum number of yards you will need.

8) Add 20% (or 30% if the vertical repeat measures more than 36”) to the total to account for overage and waste contingency. When contacting an installer, it’s important to note the repeat size (found on the product pages) so they can determine their preferred percentage.

Fabric: Contact your upholsterer for a quote.

Oops! I didn’t order enough yardage, now what?

Wallpaper + Printed Linen: You can always place a second order, however, you’ll still be subject to our lead times, and we cannot guarantee color matching for short orders. This is why we suggest a 20% overage be added to your initial order. The easiest way to make sure your calculations are correct, is to contact an installer for a quote. You can also use our calculator, but please note, it does not account for overage or waste contingency.

Performance Fabric: Simply order more! Dye lots can vary slightly, reach out to confirm lot or request CFA.

How do I install the wallpaper?

We recommend consulting with a professional for installation. Our papers come untrimmed, which helps guide the installation process. We will gladly provide hanging instructions upon request.

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