Desi Wallpaper

Naturally occurring undulations, a confluence of water and wood. Inspired by a rainy stroll through our studio's namesake neighborhood.

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The Lawns Wallpaper. Figures in Blush.

Figures Wallpaper

Even in the absence of people, a presence of community remains. Inspired by all of the supporting roles.

Hounds Way Pillows

Indoor / Outdoor

Our performance fabrics that can join you inside or out.

La Poursuite Pillows

La Poursuite Wallpaper

The playful dance between eager dog and elusive rabbit. A modern nod to the countryside Toile de Jouy.

Lola Pillows

The Lawns Wallpaper. Lucia Stripe Paperweave in Cabana

Lucia Stripe Wallpaper

Going the distance to nowhere in particular. Inspired by empty roads longed to be traveled.

Lush Pillows

Moonray Pillows

Ollie Pillows


Made just for you.

Prospect Park Mural

An homage to our favorite illustrators, a whimsical mural for kids and adults alike.
The Lawns Wallpaper. Quint Botanical in Clay.

Quint Botanical Wallpaper

The one that started it all. Our very first custom wallpaper, inspired by 1920s Hawaii, with a modern sensibility.
The Lawns Wallpaper. Ome in Smoke.

Ōme Wallpaper

Accidentally taking the scenic route. Inspired by a poorly planned day trip to the outskirts of western Tokyo.
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